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Roles Tab

Roles are the permissions granted to Agents per Department that they have access to. Each Role has a set of permissions that can be checked/unchecked for agents given that Role in association with a Department they have access to. An unlimited number of roles can be created and assigned to Agents with access to various departments.

Role Permissions for Tickets include:

Assign: Ability to assign tickets to agents or teams

Close: Ability to close tickets

Create: Ability to open tickets on behalf of users

Delete: Ability to delete tickets

Edit: Ability to edit tickets

Edit Thread: Ability to edit thread items of other agents

Link: Ability to link tickets

Mark as Answered: Ability to mark a ticket as Answered/Unanswered

Merge: Ability to merge tickets

Post Reply: Ability to post a ticket reply

Refer: Ability to manage ticket referrals

Release: Ability to release ticket assignment

Transfer Ability to transfer tickets between departments

Role Permissions for Tasks include:

Assign: Ability to assign tasks to agents or teams

Close: Ability to close tasks

Create: Ability to create tasks

Delete: Ability to delete tasks

Edit: Ability to edit tasks

Post Reply: Ability to post task update

Transfer: Ability to transfer tasks between departments

Role Permissions for the Knowledge Base include:

Premade: Ability to add/update/disable/delete canned responses

If granted access to the Admin Panel, that Agent will have the ability to make changes in the configurations of the help desk. From the Agent tab of the Admin Panel, the configurations of each Agent of the help desk can be modified, including the ability to Limit an Agent’s access to only tickets that are specifically assigned to them.

The Permissions tab of the Agent profile allows the Agent functionality within the help desk which are not Department specific access items. Areas such as the User Directory, Organization, and Knowledge Base can be limited per Agent. This includes the ability to search for and see the ticket metadata for tickets the Agent does not have access to, the email ban list, and other staff statistics on the dashboard.