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How to Edit Site Pages

Your Site Pages are what End-Users will view at various points when they are on the Client Portal.

These pages include:

Landing Offline Thank You

The Landing page is the first view an End-User will see when they access the Client Portal. It is where the end-users are welcomed, allowed to create a ticket, and can check the status of tickets.

The Offline pages appears to end-users when the help desk is disabled.

The Thank You page appears once the end-user has created and submitted a ticket but is not logged into the client portal of the help desk.

To edit these Site Pages, locate the Manage tab in the Admin Panel and select Pages. Then, click on the title of the page to be edited. Edit the page as desired- this can include logos, pictures, screenshots, YouTube videos, etc., to customize the page to meet specific needs.

Once done editing the page, click Save Changes at the bottom to save edits.